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At Saltersgate, we pride ourselves on being a warm, inviting, inclusive school. We strive to provide newly arrived pupils with a safe and welcoming environment in which they can thrive. We are committed to providing a teaching environment that provides equal opportunities for all. Each child is valued, respected and challenged regardless of ability, race, gender, religion, social background, culture or disability.

We strive to support children with English as an additional language in our school by:

• identifying and maximising opportunities for modelling fluent use of English and providing opportunities for children to practise and extend their use of the English language

• encouraging and enabling parental support in improving children's attainment

ensuring that children can see their languages, cultures and identities reflected and celebrated in their classrooms and the wider school

At Saltersgate we currently have 14 children on role that have English as an additional language. There are 9 different languages spoken by children throughout our school including: Lithuanian, Urdu, Polish, Tamil, Kurdish, Romanian, Chinese, Russian and Bulgarian. How exciting!

We feel that the different languages and cultures in our school should be celebrated. One way that we do this is by having a 'Language of the Half Term'. Each half term we introduce basic key words from a different language to each class.