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Safeguarding - key information

Safeguarding - Key information 


At Saltersgate Infants, we strive to provide a welcoming place for everyone in our school community. Children’s well-being, mental health and welfare are at the heart of everything we do, and keeping our children safe is our priority. We firmly believe that by working closely as a staff, as a community, and with our partner agencies, we can provide the safest environment for our children. 


Our Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) is Mrs Rachel Wolfe, responsible for Safeguarding and Child Protection in school. Mr Lee Bell, Miss Nic McCue and Mrs Kellie Morton are our Deputy Safeguarding Leads (DDSLs), deputising in the absence of Mrs Wolfe. Our Safeguarding Link Governor is Ms Alison Fleetwood who supports the school in maintaining and keeping abreast of all Safeguarding matters. 


Should you have a Safeguarding concern, please inform one of our Safeguarding Team immediately on 01302 784429 or email us at 


Always call 999 immediately if someone is in specific danger. 


At Saltersgate Infants, we have policies and procedures in place to respond effectively to child protection and safeguarding issues. We carefully adhere to the procedures and guidance set out by the Doncaster Safeguarding Children’s Partnership (DCSP) and the statutory guidance issued by the Department for Education (in particular, ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education 2021’). We have clear systems in place to share concerns about children’s welfare with our DSL, DDSLs, parents, and with the relevant external agencies. As part of our legal duty to safeguard children, we may consult specifically with and take advice from, the Police and Children’s Social Care as necessary.  


Within school, we ensure that our selection and recruitment processes include all statutory checks of staff, governors and regular volunteers, including obtaining an enhanced DBS check for everyone. All staff are trained at a level appropriate to their safeguarding responsibilities and duties, and both staff and Governors receive annual safeguarding training to remind them of the procedures and of protocols we adhere to. Staff have access to relevant legislation and guidance in relation to the working with and to the protection of our pupils, and demonstrate a commitment to promoting British Values within our curriculum offer. 


All staff understand the protocol for sharing concerns regarding staff conduct around children, which is detailed in our ‘Whistleblowing Policy’, and this has been discussed and adopted by all staff and our Governors. 


All staff are trained in basic first aid, with a large number of staff specifically trained in Paediatric first aid. 

School policies cover every aspect of school life. Below are some of our most important policies for your reference. If you want to know our policy on something that is not listed, please ask the school office.

Family Support Worker


Mrs Morton is our Family Support Worker in school, 


Mrs Morton's role in school is to provide support, advice and information to the families within our school community. She can help you with any worries you may have in relation to your child’s education, behaviour and well-being, and is also here as someone to talk to for our Saltersgate grown-ups too, should you need it. 


Advice and support is confidential, and non-judgmental, although Mrs Morton may not have all the answers, she will always try her best to help you find them whilst guiding you in a positive direction. 


Mrs Morton's role involves building positive relationships with your children, and maintaining them throughout their infant school years, ensuring they always have a consistent ‘go to’ person to share anything they are worried about, their achievements, or to share the fun they had at the weekend! 


As a Family Support Worker, Mrs Morton may visit your family home as a welfare visit for absent children or to provide more bespoke family support. This is again, not to be intrusive, or judgmental, and it is purely to see how your child and your family are – Because here at Saltersgate, we care. 


As a school, we feel that being together as a community is important; for parents to have those positive relationships, not only with Mrs Morton, our Family Support Worker, but with other parents in school, someone to chat to, or sometimes just to listen to, so keep a look out for coffee mornings and parent workshops as Mrs Morton will be organising these throughout the year.   


If you would like to contact Mrs Morton, she is based in the front office in the main school entrance. She will also be around on the playground most days at drop off or pick up times. You can also contact Mrs Morton on 01302 784429 or emailing

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