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School Council


School Council meetings are held at least once every half term to discuss items on the agenda. The children have many roles and responsibilities these include: gathering ideas from their class councils and sharing them in meetings, judging competitions in school, being part of interview panels for new staff members and buying equipment to improve our resources in school.


Our School Councillors gathered ideas and suggestions to update our Golden Citizens job book. The children did a great job and lots of ideas were generated and a new Golden Citizens job book prepared and printed. A small committee was assembled to interview candidates for the post of reception teacher for maternity cover. The children did an excellent job and made valid contributions to the final selection.


IKEA Environmental School Project


School Council entered the IKEA Environmental School Project and were shortlisted from the 15 schools who entered into the final 8. Their project idea was to purchase a poly tunnel, to be sited in the Forest School area, so all the children in school would be able to access it to grow fruit and vegetables. Their ideas included purchasing garden planters, gardening tools, propagators, a wheelbarrow, seeds, plant pots and workbenches. To be eco-friendly, they wanted to purchase a water butt to catch water from the Forest School shelter and use crushed egg shells as a deterrent for slugs instead of chemicals. The School Council wanted the project to be sustainable, so had the idea of selling their produce to staff and parents and using it to cook in our school cookery area or in the school kitchen. They wanted to give away excess produce to older people or homeless charities. The children were very excited to be invited to the IKEA Distribution Centre, where they presented their project ideas to a panel in a “Dragon’s Den” style presentation. They were very proud of themselves on their return to school and very excited a week later when two representatives from IKEA visited our school to present the children with a huge cheque for £2000! The project can now begin.


ClassSchool Councillors 


Honey Bees / Class 1

Zaevier C

Poppy C

Isla C

Ethan H

Busy Bugs / Class 2

Molly C

Cooper S

Lilly B

Jake B

Hungry Caterpillars / Class 3

Paige S

Oscar P

Isabelle S

Isaac K

Enormous Crocodiles / Class 4

Robbie F

Flora J-D

Esme H

Zachary S

BFGs / Class 5

Stanley T

Harriet P

Joshua W

Ava-Lily R

Fantastic Foxes / Class 6

Alana G

Jack N

Lottie B

Rowan F

Gruffalos / Class 7

Archer T

Nancy H

Arlo M

Eliza B

Smartest Giants / Class 8

Beatrice A

Archie T

Berrie H

Harrison H

Superworms / Class 9

Ivy S

William H-T

Akshaya T

Dylan J