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School Council


School Council meetings are held at least once every half term to discuss items on the agenda. The children have many roles and responsibilities these include: gathering ideas from their class councils and sharing them in meetings, judging competitions in school, being part of interview panels for new staff members and buying equipment to improve our resources in school.


Last year our School Councillors gathered ideas and suggestions to update our Golden Citizens job book. The children did a great job and lots of ideas were generated and a new Golden Citizens job book prepared and printed. A small committee was assembled to interview candidates for the post of reception teacher for maternity cover for Miss Bannister. The children did an excellent job and made valid contributions to the final selection.


Members of the School Council judged an extreme reading competition in Year 2 and helped our school be environmentally friendly during eco week.

Please see below our current list of School Councillors and School Council Deputies.


School Councillors



Thomas Annis-Potter

Rosie Coltman

Brody Sutton

Emma Welbourn

Fantastic Foxes

James Marshall

Ruby Pank

Thomas Smithers

Gracie Bell

Enormous Crocodiles

Skye Ormshaw

Archie Stoyles

Keeley Stevens

Jenson Wilson

Honey Bees

Oliver Hinchliffe

Esme Foster-Davis

Jessica Henshaw

George Jacques

Busy Bugs

William Wroe

Abigail Eames

Frankie Birkby

Finlay Lawton

Eva Crompton

Hungry Caterpillars

Lucas Melville

Lilly Taylor

Darcy Clarke

Ruben Pattinson


Harrison Ellis

Lola Tesh

Raz Mariwan

Barnaby Maskrey

Smartest Giants

Niall Hamiliton-Ellis

Thalia Willetts

Jaedon Pilkington-Smith

Evelyn Medwell


Jaquil Noel

Jessica Siddall

Jack Haycock

Sydney Morton